Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And the Twilight Saga continues..

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Stephenie Meyer is currently working on the 5th installment of her Twilight Saga, "Midnight Sun". With 12 Chapters or 264 pages currently completed. I have downloaded the draft from a site that I have bumped into while browsing around the internet. We'll the book is really like Edward's version of the first book, Twilight. Wherein he is the one who's narrating the story instead of Bella. The chapter title's are still the same with the one's in Twilight. I'm really excited to read this one to see if Edward's version is better than Bella or not. So let's just wait for the full completion of the book and let's see what this version has to offer :)

If ever you want to download and read the draft of Midnight Sun, just click the link below