Saturday, May 9, 2009

iBlog 5

"My UP Souvenir :)"

Image Source: webmasterphi's Camera

Just this morning I went to iBlog5 or the 5th Philippine Blogging Summit held yearly at the Malcolm Theater located at the University of the Philippines- Diliman's College of Law. It was my first time to attend a blogging event and actually I didn’t know such event existed until my friend Mark invited me to attend it together with him and I gladly accepted his offer. We arrived a few minutes before the event started and Mark got the last food stub (lucky him), since he was the 150th registrant for the event but eventually those 3 stubs to me ;). We went inside the hall and chose our seats at farthest row. The National Anthem was sung and afterwards the host cited an invocation to indicate the start of the blogging summit. The event was divided into two sessions; the first part was held in the morning and the latter part was held in the afternoon. For the morning session, it started with the discussion of Blogging itself and the different types and genres of blogging, i.e Photo Blogging, Video Blogging, Mobile Blogging. Six different topics about blogging were discussed wherein two different speakers spoke per subject matter. But in the afternoon session, individual speakers spoke per subject matter. The 2nd session started with the discussion about the Legal Issues in Blogging. So mainly, the speakers mainly gave us some guidelines about blogging. And the last topic discussed was about “Blogging to the Next Level”, it was really the best topic discussed in this summit. I was really fascinated how the speaker discussed about the evolution of a blogger which greater inspired me to have my own blog wherein I would write my experiences and thoughts. As this successful blogging summit came to an end, the organizer’s held a raffle wherein 120 lucky event participants will receive a t- shirt as souvenir. And luckily, Mark and I won. It was pretty tiring since the event started at 9:00 a.m and it ended at 5:00 p.m (8 hours). There was an after- event party but me and Mark weren’t really in the mood for socializing so we just went to SM and ate there. After wards we went straight home.

I’m looking forward to attend a bigger and better 6th iBlog next year :)